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Wandsworth Deanery Environment Day, Saturday 12th June 10 am - 3 pm via Zoom

Wandsworth Deanery
Environment Day
to inform, support and resource our next steps
Saturday 12th June 2021
10am to 3pm
On Zoom
Join us for one, two or all sessions
(timetable below)
What is the problem?
An introduction to the science
What does it mean for us?
(a theological response)
What do we do now?
Practical next steps including EcoChurch
Led by Dr Martin Hodson &
The Revd Margot Hodson
(Biographies below)
For information and to
RSVP to secure a place and Zoom link
Ruth Lampard
07870 651 240
St Barnabas Vicarage
146A Lavenham Road, SW18 5EP
About Eco Church:


9.45                          Join Zoom meeting
10.00                        Welcome and opening prayer
10.10                        What is the problem?
                                 An introduction to the science with Q&A
11.00 - 11.15            Coffee break
11.15 - 12.15            A theological response. 
                                 Why the environment matters to the church,
                                 with Q&A
12.15- 1.30               Lunch
1.30- 2.30                 What do we do now and where to seek help?
                                 How to make a difference, with Q&A
2.30                          Closing reflection
3.00                          Close

Text Box:  The Revd Margot Hodson is Rector of Vale Benefice in Buckinghamshire. She was previously Chaplain of Jesus College, Oxford. She is the John Ray Initiative representative on the board of A Rocha UK.

Margot has published several books including Cherishing the Earth (with Martin Hodson, 2008),  The Ethics of Climatic Scepticism (with Martin Hodson, 2015), A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues (with Martin Hodson, 2015) and An Introduction to Environmental Ethics (with Martin Hodson, 2017).


 Dr Martin Hodson is a plant scientist and environmental biologist, and a former   Principal  Lecturer, and now Visiting Researcher at Oxford Brookes University. He is   also Associate Member of the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford.

 Martin is Principal Tutor of Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (CRES). The   tour scientist for the Hope for Planet Earth tours, he writes and speaks widely on       environmental issues. Martin has over 100 publications, mostly in international   science journals.