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A rich archive of sermons delivered by our clergy and visiting preachers. 
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Sermon: Seven Pillars by Norman Allen, Reader - Sunday 15th August 2021

'Seven Pillars', a sermon by Norman Allen, Reader, delivered on Sunday 15th August 2021 (Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary).
Readings: Psalm 111; Proverbs 9, 1-6

Sermon: On The Feast Of St James by Norman Allen, Reader - Sunday 25th July 2021

A sermon for St James' Day by Norman Allen, Reader.
Readings: Acts 11, 27- 12, 2; Matthew 20, 20-28

Sermon: Vegetarian! by Norman Allen, Reader - Sunday 4th July 2021

Vegetarian!  A sermon  by Norman Allen, Reader, delivered at Evening Prayer on Sunday 4th July 2021
Readings: Romans 14, 1-17; Psalm 63

Sermon: Priorities 21 by Norman Allen, Reader - Sunday 27th June 2021

Priorities 21 by Norman Allen , Reader, delivered on  the Fourth Sunday after Trinity, 27th June 2021
Sermon_Priorities_21_by_Norman Allen_27_June_2021.pdf
Readings: 2 Corinthians 8, 7-end ; Mark 5, 21-end

Sermon: God's Opportunities by Norman Allen, Reader - 28th February 2021

God's Opportunities, delivered on the Seconday Sunday of Lent, 28th February 2021 by Norman Allen, Reader
Readings: Genesis 17, 1-7, 15-16; Mark 8, 31-end

Sermon: Tough Love by Norman Allen, Reader - 19th May 2019

Tough Love, a sermon by Norman Allen, Reader, delivered on the Fifth Sunday of Easter, 19th May 2019
Readings: Genesis 22, 1-18; Acts 11, 1-18; John 13, 31-35
May we ever strive to follow the great commandment, - to Love God and our Neighbours as ourselves.  Amen